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Vanity Numbers Direct

Vanity Numbers Direct is your best source for Memorable and Vanity

Toll-Free numbers.

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Why use a Memorable or Vanity Toll-Free number?

Studies have shown that using a Memorable or Vanity number enhances a person’s ability to remember it, leading to more opportunities for your business!

  • Your number stands out

  • Matches your brand or service

  • Improves brand loyalty and recognition

  • More word-of- mouth activity and referrals

  • Match to your website domain name

It’s about people remembering  your number and getting more customers!

What types of numbers are available?

Upgrade your Sales & Marketing.
A unique and memorable phone number will enhance
every advertising impression, 
resulting in more sales and more revenue.


Vanity Numbers Match Your Business Name


Easily identifiable by customers and increase brand recognition.

  • Connect with existing customers
  • Adds credibility
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Cast A Wider Net


Industry numbers provide maximum reach for your business.

  • Great for local or nationwide numbers
  • Maximize your marketing reach
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The Most Memorable Numbers


Extremely memorable patterns to increase long term results.

  • Great for radio and television marketing
  • Memorable to those even outside your market
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We have access to thousands of amazing numbers!


Starting as low as $19.95

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Starting as Low as $59.95

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Who We Are

Vanity Numbers Direct was founded by pioneers of advertising, marketing, and telecom with over 50 years of combined experience. Our team has been part of some of the most well-known campaigns over the last 15+ years. We have helped thousands of businesses of all types, shapes, and sizes, succeed.
We have the right connections and know-how to bring the dreams of your business to reality. Our singular focus is to arm our clients with the necessary tools and insight to make the most of their advertising budgets and get the highest ROI they can.
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